PowerCool Infomercial

Client: Mlily USA

At a time when marketers are scrambling to do 6-second commercials, we pivoted (hipster marketing term) and did a 6-minute one for our friends at Mlily. How else could we tell the whole story of the coolest sleep system on Earth? Pop some Orville Redenbacher and enjoy!

PowerCool commercial: Pandemic Style

When Mlily USA asked if we could make a commercial for their PowerCool Sleep System using real talent, we said, “Hmmm…let’s try.” It was early April and everyone was sheltered in place. Three weeks later, we launched this spot with the tremendous help of our colleagues at FUGO Studios. Roughly 30 people, including 18 talent, pulled this together. And not a single one left their own homes.

Crabb Radermacher